Twitter win 1000NLG contest

WIN 1000 Gulden Twitter

On twitter I am running a contest: you can win 1000 Gulden ! I tweet 12 hints which contain a word of the recovery phrase/sentence of a Gulden wallet loaded with 1000 NLG. Here you can find proof the Gulden wallet is loaded with 1000 NLG (last deposit which completes it to 1000NLG on July 30 2017):

Today August 13 2017 I will post the 12th hint so you have the puzzle complete and have all 12 words of the recovery phrase/sentence. The person who enters the 12 words in a fresh installed new Gulden Wallet gets access to the 1000 NLG. Please read the following instructions careful !

  1. You can enter the recovery sentence in a new DESKTOP Gulden wallet, do NOT use a mobile Gulden Wallet.
  2. When you already have a Gulden Desktop Wallet make a backup of your excisting wallet first! Make a copy of your wallet.dat and store it on a safe location (other directory then the Gulden folder) or better: install a new Gulden Desktop Wallet on another computer.
  3. As soon as you have access to the 1000 Gulden send it to another Gulden Wallet a.s.a.p. (for example your mobile (IOS/Android) Gulden wallet). Keep in mind you can not send all 1000 Gulden, you have to pay a fee, to be safe send 999.9 Gulden for example.
  4. Never use this Gulden wallet/address ever again, the recovery prhase/sentence is public now so anybody can get access to the wallet.

If you are unsure about certain things here you can get some help:

Make a backup of your Gulden wallet:

Disclaimer: Participating in the twitter contest is at your own risk. I can not be held responsible for any loss of your Gulden. I do not help or give support if you can not complete the correct recovery phrase/sentence of the 1000 Gulden wallet of this contest. is not related to this contest.


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